The Life : Winning the 111th Dimension


The Life: Winning the 111th Dimension

Life treats us the way far different from what we dream and plan. The dices of life has all sixes . And every time it throws for us
she wins.
The beauty of all this is we also see the same six in favour of us and take the life as it throw on us, without seeing or even
visualizing the other dimensions of it.
Every time the life let us feel the win, and down far she knows that she (the life) only is winning always.

As it (life) always comes the one hundred eleventh way.
There is an ancient book in China – Art of war, which explains the 110 ways to fight enemy. And the last page has the moral of
the book which is “ And the enemy always comes the 111th way” and so does the life always coming the 111th way . Each
time the dice thrown for us makes us feel win.

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