Treks & Retreats

Other than the regular courses and the retreats , Rajee Ba personally conduct special Yoga treks & Kundalini Retreats twice a year only.

Yoga treks are trekking to the high passes in the Himalayas, where the Yoga was born and concieved by Adi Yogi thousnad of years ago and trained many of the saints to spread it down to the cournty & the world for the benefit of man kind. With his many years of experience of leading gorups in different part of India, Rajee Ba leads the trek and conducts morning & the evening sessions before and after the trek evey day. Seesions at these Himalayan Heights with the vibes of many sanits & Yogis practicing in the casves, are not only strong but let you concieve the higher dimmensiosn of YOGa. Come and join Rajee Ba on trek & explore a new world with in.

Rajee Ba also conducts unique Kundalini courses twice a year, where there is complete theoritical knowledge is given with practcing the ancient rare kriyas to intitiate kundalini in order to transform to the higher state of being as a human and helping to let you guide to what you are destined for.

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Trekking & Yoga – in the Himalayas

Kundalini Experience at Rishikesh