Kundalini Experience

Kundalini Experience
Deeper dimensions of yoga are all about working on your cosmic body, awakening the Kundalni, the source of Infinite cosmic energy in all of us in dormant stage. It’s all about making this cosmic energy move upwards which leads to transformation to the higher level of existence. Every time the energy moves, you transform and you reach the higher and destined world.
All of us come to the earth with a purpose and kundalini awakening not only transform you but helps to understand the higher dimensions of life. To know who you are and what purpose you have to be on earth. Come & Explore yourself in new horizons finding your space in order to address deeper dimension of life, as a human being.

The hidden Science Simplified.
From Understanding, Awakening & Implementation

A new world is on its way ????? Face it and steer it in your favor understanding the 4th dimension of Yog, the Kundalini ……………….

Today we are living in a world which was never like this, demanding more physical, emotional & psychological immunity to not only survive but make us stronger & to grow more healthier & successful like never before.

The science of living with nature and its forces what we toady call unified field in today’s science, was discovered hundreds of years back in India & to give it the practical dimension they summarized it in other discipline what they called Kundalini.

Since time immemorial Kundalini was a hidden power with Yogis in these part of the Himalayas for transforming their lives to the highest level of existence as a human being & giving their life a purpose as well as address the deeper dimensions of life.

Kundalini is all about activating the hidden energy centers in our body and each of them is connected or represent one of the forces around us in the Universe. And it does not only activate the energy but to help us live making the best use of these resources available to us in abundance & that too unconditionally.

Come to find a new world with in, to activate the inner powers & energies to adapt to a new world we are living in today, using primitive Kundlani science – the essence of immortality.

For the first time, Yogada in the Himalayas at Rishikesh brings you Intense 7 days workshop to not only understand but make a strong base to practice and create magic in your life.

Starting in October the strongest time for the feminine energy to be realized & manifested. From Monday to Saturday

To make is personalized Only 33 seats are there. Do not miss the opportunity to learn and not only transform yourself but teach others to bring magic in your & their life.

Starting    2021 9th October

2022 16th April

Deeksha – Initiation to Kundalini

7 Days & 6 Nights course at our ashram retreat – Yogada in the Himalayas, with accommodation in ethnically designed Cottages on the banks of the holy Ganges, at the Himalayan foothills with vibrated, sumptuous food cooked from the Organic supplies grown in the high Himalayas. Sessions from early morning till evening with experienced teachers and yogis. Excursions to nearby by Shakti temple representing feminine energy in the universe.

Package Cost:

Option A – Standard
For Foreign Nationals
     A1- Standard – Twin Sharing accommodation USD 666       12 % Government taxes per person .
     A2- Standard – Single Occupancy accommodation USD    999 + 12 % Government taxes per person .

For Resident Indian Nationals:
      A1- Standard – Twin Sharing accommodation INR 49,999 + 12 % Government taxes per person .
      A2- Standard – Single Occupancy accommodation INR 69,999 + 12 % Government taxes per person .

Option B – Deluxe Air-conditioned
For Foreign Nationals
      B1- Deluxe – Twin Sharing Cottage accommodation USD 999 + 12 % Government taxes per person .
      B2- Deluxe – Single Occupancy accommodation USD 1399 + 12 % Government taxes per person.

For Resident Indian Nationals:
      B1- Deluxe – Twin Sharing Cottage accommodation INR 69,999 + 12 % Government taxes per person .
    B2- Deluxe – Single Occupancy accommodation INR 99,999 + 12 % Government taxes per person.

The Course is desgined and conducted by Rajee Ba – A scientist turned Yogi will be your companion on this special journey.
A journey exploring the new horizons where you have never been before.
www.rajeeba.com www.rajeevtewari.in

Top FAQ’s about the course:

Who Can do this Course: This course is specially designed for working professionals, who are working in the offices , home & business. It will change your perceptions about life and easy kriyas (Techniques) will not only increase your efficiency in day to day life but will help you transform to you to live a healthy , happy and meaningful life.

Is there any qualification required for the course: No qualification is required for the course anyone who can understand simple English can participate?

Does it require strong physical strength: You do not have to be physically strong as all the kriyas are simple and easy to follow. However you will feel much stronger.

In case I do not understand any kriyas, how can I clarify : You can always call or whats App for any clarification after the course.

Do I get Shaktipat / Energy transmission: Yes you will get Shakti Pat during the initiation, during the course.

Do I get material about the Course: Yes we will share pictures and information about the course during the course.

Can I share my personal issues for help & remedy: Yes you can share your problems in whats App and we will try to help you and provide you solutions with in our capacity.

For more details please E mail : rajeeba@rishikesh.in or Whats App to 09412050478

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