Rawana : We all live in today's life

Rawana : We all live in today's life

Rawan in Indian Mythology  & 

Rawan: We all live in today’s  life

In Indian Mythology King Rawan  is one of the most important character. The King Ravan had ten heads, a beautiful metaphor, ten faces; everybody has. Each of his face was reflecting one of his personality e.g A Scholar, A priest, A musician , A warrior, A dancer, etc. 

Today Who can have only one single face? – only a Buddha (the enlightened one) , the original face; otherwise everybody has many faces.

We all re live rather play the character of Rawan in our day to day life.
You need one face with your wife, another face with your mistress. You can’t function with the same face with them both. You
You need  one face with your servant, another face with your boss. If the servant and the boss are both present, when you look to the left, at the servant, you show him one face, and when you look to the right, at your boss, you show him another face; you start smiling and wagging your tail.

But don’t stop at the number ten either – don’t take ten as just ten. Ravan’s s ten heads are just an indication, a symbol. Ten is the last number in counting before repetition begins, hence the mention of ten. The actual number of faces you have runs into thousands, but all over the world counting ends at ten. Everything above ten is repetition; thus eleven means one over ten,
and twelve means two over ten. Ten is the symbolic end because man began to work with numbers by counting on his ten fingers; above ten, repetition begins.

So those ten faces of Ravan are to indicate the upper limits of counting – there is really no end to the number of faces you have, and all day long you are changing them. Rama has only one face: whether you meet him in happiness or in unhappiness, whether he is sitting in his palace or in the middle of the jungle, he does not wear different faces.

And whoever comes to have only one face becomes Rama. To have only one face means to have become authentic, to show your true inner face; not to mask your truth on the outside, not to be influenced by circumstances but to let your face reveal your inner being. 

Rama’s face remains the same whether you blame or praise him; no mere circumstance can manipulate his features now. His face has become stable, and the name of this stability is Rama.

Rama is the exemplary King who is lives in India in every house from time immemorial.

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