Rajee Ba


Rajee Ba has be an explorer all his life, trekking in the Himalayas, Zanskar and other mountains crossing high passes & climbing peaks, visiting remote monasteries in Ladakh & Zanskar, . Riding camels through the thar deserts for days and cycling the different parts of India.

His passion has become his work and he now heads the leading adventure company in the Himalayas – Himalayan Adventure Holidays with its base in Rishikesh.

He also heads an eco Resort little upstream from Rishikesh in Shivpuri Village – High Bank Himalayan Retreat to facilitate the tourists from world over to experience adventure in the Himalayas.

Today he spends most of the time exploring himself. He has his own brand of Yoga – Sattya Yoga where he helps seekers from world over to explore them selves through many courses and retreats round the year.

He now travels to different countries to experience & expand his knowledge through that.